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Merián Soto/Press 
Photo: Steven Schreiber
"As the dancers began a slow duet with these objects, one’s senses began to be filled by a surround-sound design and video projections that began to evolve onto all four walls. A cascade of soothing sound, at first of seeming electronic origin, was later revealed (by an accompanying video) to be the sound of rushing waters. The size and weight of the tree limbs didn’t allow for much movement invention or variety, or a discernible narrative arc, although runs and circling of branches generated some dynamic and sound generation with the floor and space. The weighty presence of the limbs was a restraint that seemed to force dancers and audience alike to alter their expectations for dance movement and to accede to another state of being."
 Jonathan Stein, Broad Street Review
Postcards From the Woods
Photo: Cylla Von Tiedeman
“This branch, so delicate and slender, sometimes turned beneath her fingers like a living creature, a familiar spirit, or perhaps a fakir's staff about to morph into a heap of rope and make a crowd of gawkers gasp. Carefully maneuvering the branch, Soto stepped slowly, crouched, turned, rose, extended her arm, placed her weight first on one foot and then the other, and walked backwards with eyes closed. Watching this simple passage unfold with its certainty and luminosity, I thought that if I could dance like this, I would be the happiest dancer in the world.” 
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, GAY CITY NEWS 
Three Branch Songs
Photo: Steven Schreiber
States of Gravity & Light
 “Against the backdrop of Soto's thrilling, dizzying video, shot in Philadelphia's Wissahickon Park, dancers Jumatatu Poe and Noemí Segarra appeared to be denizens of their natural environment, not explorers. They might have lived in these "states" forever-Poe exuding ethereal light in his legato dancing; Segarra providing the serious gravity, a more stark force with her forbidding warrior's gaze and firmly-shaped movements.”       
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, GAY CITY NEWS 
Wissahickon Reunion
 "Merián Soto's Branch Dances... don't just do away with traditional notions of performance, they reorganize whole landscapes." -Killian Kroll, thINKingDANCE
Photo: Lindsay Browning